Selecting the right financial adviser is an important decision for you and for your business. How can you compare other financial advisers to Business & Estate Advisers?

We believe there are three objective standards of comparison that will help you to select the right financial advisers:

Professional Knowledge

Does your Adviser have earned designations that prove their competency?
Staying current on changing features and tax consequences is essential to providing clients with sound, practical and timely advice. If your adviser hasn’t obtained or maintained the appropriate designations, you should either replace them or give them notice. If they don’t prove their educational knowledge within a two-year period, replace them. All Partners at Business & Estate Advisers are Certified Financial Planners™ (CFP), and have other educational degrees and designations including MBA (Master of Business Administration), CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) and ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant).

Do other members of the financial services industry look at your adviser as “one of the best” in the nation?
All three partners at Business & Estate Advisers have earned membership in the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) – only one in ten financial advisers (25,000 in the country) earn this membership. Approximately 1,000 of these members earn membership in the Top of the Table (TOT). All three partners are members of the Top of the Table. Business & Estate Advisers is one of less than twenty-five firms in the nation that have three Top of the Table members in one firm!

Does your Adviser earn his or her income based on their individual clients or based on the clients of the firm?
This is an important question as it dictates service standards should your adviser be on vacation or no longer be part of the industry. Business & Estate Advisers works on a 100% shared client basis. All clients are considered clients of the firm and all advisers are compensated on salary that is considered appropriate for the advice and the work that they do for the firm. A very small individual incentive is available to our Advisers. As a client of Business & Estate Advisers you get the benefit of an entire team committed to the success of each client.


Does your Adviser have a process that can really help you achieve your goals?
Business & Estate Advisers has developed a six step proprietary process called the PathWise System. The system is considered by many of our peers to be a “best of class” system that guides you through a complete and successful plan. Click here for more information on the PathWise process.


What purpose does the firm you choose to work with serve in society?
Business & Estate Advisers, Inc. stands for the following:

First, and above all else, we do everything With Your Interest In Mind…this has been the company byline since it began in 1977 and continues to this day.

Second, we live by four simple rules of business: #1: Be on time. #2: Do what you say you will do. #3: Do it when you said you would. and #4: Be polite and courteous.

Third, we have the depth to perform complete and timely service at all times. In addition to the three partners, there are two Para planners, three specialists and two generalists. This means that three partners plus seven other associates are there to serve you. So many Advisers in the financial business do not have others to support client services. We are staffed at better than a 2:1 ratio so that we can “do what we said we would and when we said we would do it.”

Fourth, we believe in the communities in which we serve. We have our own Business & Estate Advisers Caring and Sharing Foundation that provides significant support financially. Our partners and team members also volunteer their time and talents to community organizations.